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Books that have become movies! (that i have read) March 16, 2009

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These are the books that i have read that have become movies!

My thoughts on the page to screen adaptions…

Stormbreaker: the story on screen and in the pages is very different. not only did they remove some gagets, they also added more romance and removed alot of detail. this was not my favourite page to screen adaptation, and really was nothing to shout about.

Spiderwick Chronicles: even though the story was shortened by quite alot, it was very well directed and everything fit nicly. it was quite faithful to the contents in the book and is my favourite book to screen adaptation!

The Tale of Despereaux: i have not watched the movie yet! (this movie will release during the march holidays in Singapore.)

Movie Synopsis (all of the below in “movie synopsis” is taken from Wikipedia. to find out more about the films, click on the “*” next to the titles below!)

* Stormbreaker :

Alex Rider (Alex Pettyfer) is a fourteen year-old orphan, who lives with his uncle Ian Rider (Ewan McGregor) and their housekeeper Jack Starbright (Alicia Silverstone). Ian is supposedly a bank manager and is, much to Alex’s regret, often away from home. One day Alex is told that his uncle has died in a car crash. Alex discovers that Ian Rider was in fact a spy working for MI6 and that he was killed by famed assassin, Yassen Gregorovich (Damian Lewis).

He is then recruited by his uncle’s former employers, Alan Blunt (Bill Nighy) and Tulip Jones (Sophie Okonedo) of the Special Operations Division of MI6, who explain to Alex that his uncle has been training him as a spy; Alex first refuses to co-operate but agrees when they threaten to prosecute Jack (now his guardian) for being an illegal immigrant. Alex is then sent to a gruelling SAS training exercise where his fellow trainees first look down on him because of his young age, but he soon gains respect for his capabilities.

He sets off on his first mission, aided by gadgets from Smithers (Stephen Fry). Billionaire Darrius Sayle (Mickey Rourke) is donating a free high-powered computer system codenamed Stormbreaker to every school in the United Kingdom. MI6 are curious of his seemingly generous plans and send Alex, undercover as a competition winner, to investigate. There, he meets the man himself, Sayle.

Alex finds himself in trouble when his cover is blown. After trying to escape from the facility and being held prisoner, Alex is forced to reveal he is a spy. He then learns of Sayle’s true plan with the computers – each system contains a deadly virus which wipe out the whole of Britain’s schoolchildren.

* The Spiderwick Chronicles:

Mary-Louise Parker) moves into the Spiderwick Estate with her children when it is given to her by her elderly aunt Lucinda (Joan Plowright), though identical twins Jared and Simon (Freddie Highmore) and their older sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger) do not want to move from the city. When Jared uncovers a dumbwaiter system behind a wall, Jared finds a

key and discovers the study of the late owner of the estate, Arthur Spiderwick (David Strathairn). Jared uses the key to open a chest, he finds Spiderwick’s field guide to faeries; although an attached note warns him not to read it, he does so anyway.

However, a shape-shifting ogre named Mulgarath (Nick Nolte) wants the field guide for himself so he can rule over all faerie-kind and sends his goblins to obtain it.

* The Tale of Despereaux:

Roscuro a seafaring rat arrives at the kingdom of Dor’s dock and is mesmerised by the smell of soup on the kingdom’s “Royal Soup Day”.  Roscuro’s search for the soup’s smell takes him to a chandelier directly over the royal soup bowl. Upon presentation of the soup to the queen and her subsequent first taste, Roscuro is overcome by the aroma, loses his grip, and falls into the queen’s soup bowl, causing her to have a fatal heart attack, which led her to death.

Following the funeral of the queen, the king in his grief orders soup to be forbidden and rats banished. The town falls into eternal darkness and famine because of dark clouds that will not release their rain.

A few years later, Despereaux (Matthew Broderick), a tiny mouse with enormously large ears is born. He is considered odd for a mouse, displaying incredible bravery. But in this mouse society, fear is taught in school as a mouse necessity, and those that cannot learn to fear are considered outcasts. Despereaux’s parents attempt to teach him fear by having him explore the castle’s library with his older brother “showing him the ropes”. But rather than being fearful he is fascinated with books, and instead of eating them, decides to read them despite his brother’s orders. He develops a fascination toward fairy tales and learns from them knight’s codes of honor such as chivalry and courage.

Despereaux is drawn towards the lonely Princess Pea (Emma Watson), who at first is afraid, but soon sees Despereaux as a gracious creature. She even expresses her desire for soup, rain, and even rats to return to the kingdom.

Upon finding out that Despereaux has broken the law by speaking with a human, the Mouse Council immediately decides to banish him to the dungeons.

Thats the end of my post now! Haha! When i watch “The Tale of Despereaux”, i will post my views on this post!


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