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Movies, movies, movies! November 13, 2008

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When I watch a movie…

I look out for the plot, the actors, the acting, and the way its directed.

When a movie is…

good, I will feel really really happy and will be in a good mood for the rest of the day. If the movie is bad, I will feel really angry and I will feel like asking for my money back!

In a movie, I want…

to be entertained by a good mix of humour, action, and romance. I also expect the movie to be edited, well and the movie must not have any loop-holes. The last thing I want in a movie is a good ending that is not too abrupt.

I Like…

action movies, comedies, and animated movies.

My recommendations…

All my recommendations are movies that I have watched more than once because I enjoyed them so much, and will continue to watch them in the future.


1. Game Plan

2. Yours, Mine and Ours

3. She’s The Man

4. Get Smart


1. Just My Luck

2. Just Like Heaven


1. Iron Man

2. Transformers

3. X-men: The Last Stand

4. The Italian Job

5. National Treasure

6. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

7. Casino Royale

8. Ocean’s Eleven


1. Mulan

2. Ice Age (3D)

3. Cars (3D)

4. Ratatouille (3D)

5. A Bug’s Life (3D)

6. Prince of Egypt

7. Dinosaur (3D)


1. Enchanted

2. Spiderwick Chronicles

3. The Golden Compass

4. The Water Horse


1. The Prestige

2. Vantage Point

And those are all the movies that I strongly recommend! All of them made me want to watch them again, and again, and again!! Hope those who have not watched these movies will go borrow the DVDs, watch them, and enjoy them just as much as I did! ENJOY!


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